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34DD - New Favorite.

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13th September 2014


A Birder’s Guide To Everything - 34C.

Good movie. Has some happy. Has some sad.

There’s this kid that is really into birding with some friends. His mom died less than 2 years ago. His dad is getting remarried to the mom’s nurse. Kid isn’t handling it well. One day he spots a duck that was thought to be extinct. He and his friends go on a mission.

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13th September 2014


Holy Titty Fucking Macaroni!!

Holy Titty Fucking Macaroni!!

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10th September 2014

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The Signal - 34D.

I have to review this now because the more I think about it I am kind of changing my mind. This movie was great up until the last few minutes. I think. The more I think about it maybe it isn’t though.

This will be my worst review. So far.

Three people on a road trip. Two are dating and one is the best friend. The two dudes are having serious trouble with a hacker. So they decide to go after him. Things go really wrong and one of the guys wakes up with Laurence Fishburne talking to him in a spacesuit.

Watch the trailer.

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10th September 2014


Apocalypse Now Redux - 34DD.

This is a fantastic and crazy movie about Vietnam.

It’s also beautiful. The cinematography is very beautiful.

I can understand why stuff was cut for the original. Primarily the whole French plantation scene. That was boring and seemed pointless but this is still an amazing movie.

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9th September 2014

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You reblogged it.  And I can guarantee that your blog is WAY more fucked up than mine.



In Fear - 34A.

People driving around back roads. They’re lost. DERF. I want some ice cream.

This is such a fucked up concept. This is just not entertaining or funny at all :l

Comparing women’s body parts to movies is literally the most unflattering, most insulting, most disrespectful thing to do in order to be original in the movie industry. :l

In an effort to be comedic and witty, you’re comparing the size of breasts and ultimately saying that smaller chests are boring and they “shouldn’t be bothered with.” (Cause that’s you’re comparison to an A34 cup right?)

There’s nothing entertaining about this at all, which is why I can see you don’t get any support (in the form of likes or reblogs) on your mediocre reviews.

Do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time?

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9th September 2014


A Single Shot - 34D.

If Sam Rockwell is in the movie there is a pretty good chance it’s going to be awesome. And this was.

Kind of Coen Brothers-esque.

Rockwell is hunting and accidentally shoots a girl. She happens to have a large chunk of money with her. He doesn’t do the right thing. He needs money because his wife wants a divorce and he’s trying to save his family. Things start to get pretty intense.

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9th September 2014

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Runner Runner - 34C.

Better than I thought. Timberlake is a smart Princeton type that runs an online gambling site. He needs more to pay tuition so he gambles. And loses. But he’s cheated. So he goes and finds the boss man. A very angry Affleck. They become pals and Affleck offers him a job. Things start great and go bad.

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8th September 2014


Wer - 34C.

Interesting concept. Kind of a new take on the werewolf movie. Gets REAL dumb in the last 10 minutes.

Some campers are brutally murdered in what looks like an animal attack. The one survivor keeps referring to the killer as tall and hairy and a he. The coppers pick up the town mutant. A very tall and hairy man.

Is he the killer? Watch and see. Or don’t. I don’t care. I have a boner.

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7th September 2014

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Mistaken For Strangers - 34D.

A documentary about The National filmed by the lead singer’s brother.

Very good movie.

Must see for fans of the band.

Everyone should see this.

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7th September 2014

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Delivery: The Beast Within - 34C.

I liked this movie the first time I saw it when it was called Paranormal Activity.

The last 5 seconds of this movie are fucked. It jumped from a B to C right there.

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